Molendinar Reservoir Connection And Pipe Work

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Molendinar Reservoir Connection and Pipe work

Project Overview

Category: Pipe & Civil Projects

Type Of Contract: Construct Only

Location: Gold Coast Queensland

Construction Period: 6 Months

Contract Value: $5,000,000.00

Client: Queensland Government

Project Description

Molendinar Reservoir project involved excavation, pipe laying and backfilling of 800m of 1200mm Sintakote pipe. The pipeline included in ground and aboveground, construction with the CC Pipe and Civil specialised concrete construction team building structures to support the 1200mm main as well as building valve pits with thrust restraints. Connections to the existing reservoir pipe work was also a challenge working with shut downs under strict time limits. Pipe installation involved rubber ring joints as well as collar welded joints at bends, Air valve Tees and Scour Valve tees. Restoration of the alignment involved road repair and seeding.

Nerang River Crossing Tunnel Bore (Abigroup)

Nerang River Crossing project involved the loading of a 1500mm tunnel bored sleeve under the Nerang River and associated connection pipe work. The challenge for this project was the depth of the shafts approx 23m deep and the bore being designed with long radius curve requiring every pipe had to be installed to match redius and welded into place.  The connection pipe work was laid vertically inside the shaft to a tee and air valve and welded to the existing pipe work on both sides of the river. Restoration of the alignment involved road repair, laying turf, seeding and restored and treated ASS dewatering ponds from the tunnelling operations.


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Molendinar Reservoir Connection and Pipe work
Molendinar Reservoir Connection and Pipe work

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